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About Tec1

  • All promoters bound by Tec1 (identified by Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP)) also bound Ste12. Zeitlinger et al. 2003 PMID 12732146
  • Tec1 appears to be sumoylated at K54, but the significance of this modification is not well demonstrated. Wang and Dohlman. 2005 PMID 16306045
    • The authors state that sumoylation of Tec1 stabilizes it, but the measured half-life (after cyclohehimide treatment) from their plot is ~12min for Myc-Tec1, and ~14min for Myc-SUMO-Tec1. This difference is not overly convincing.


Dig1/Dig2/Ste12/Tec1 interactions
Tec1 synthesis/degradation

Note that Tec1 is not currently included in the model.

Species Representation

Molecule Type

Model Seed

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